In the End…

  • How can digital media that enables connection, creation, and collaboration enable us to better fulfill a school/ campus/ organization’s mission/ enact our values?

Digital media that enables connection can help people build a better understanding of one another. In Engagement in a Time of Polarization, we discussed how difficult it can be to create meaningful connections in this political climate especially with digital media. But through discussions and videos there was an emphasis on deep listening; listening to develop a deeper understanding of someone’s perspective/experiences instead of listening to immediately respond. This is something I truly believe UW Bothell could benefit from. With UW Bothell’s core values and mission statement emphasizing inclusive culture- building an inclusive and supportive learning community, UW Bothell could utilize digital media to build better connections and collaboration especially with students. This utilization could also lead to better communication and transparency between students and administration. One recent example at UWB that I feel is the start of better understanding of students is the social media campaign the Diversity Center had that welcomed UWB students to share their identities with the hashtag #ibelongUWB. Though this campaign didn’t get the most engagement, I thought the idea and message around it were great. I think the engagement was low because UWB doesn’t do many social media campaigns and students are still learning about the Diversity Center itself. But this type of use of digital media could potentially help build better bridges between students and the administration.

  • What are some limitations in the potential of digital media for enacting our mission and values?

Some limitations in the potential use of digital media in enacting the mission/values are definitely the high risk of miscommunication and messaging mishaps. I feel some of the biggest problems especially for UWB have been through the messaging especially via email. When I think of this issue I think of intentions versus impact. I truly believe may the intentions of the messages are good but the impact the messages have with students is not realized and then students become distrustful of the administration and it become a vicious cycle. If digtal media is utilized in the future, the administration would need to provide technical training and training non equity and inclusion specifically on how to converse with students from marginalized and diverse backgrounds. As much as I feel digital media could potentially build better connections between students and the administration, the implementation and utilization of it would have to be thoroughly throughout. But I strongly feel UWB needs to work on their messaging and impact with students before exploring the uses of social/digital media.


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