Polarization Positive?

When thinking of polarization it is really hard for me to think of how polarization could be useful or even helpful. Because when I think of it I go straight to the negative- targeting, attacking, close minded, etc. I would like to say that I could find polarization useful by making people very opinionated but these opinions can become so deeply rooted it becomes hard for others to form their own opinions when extreme opinions become viral and so deeply embedded in a community or a society. So even though being opinionated can be good, when these opinions become a societal norm it’s not an opinion it’s the difference between “accepted” and “different.” And this is what makes polarization harmful, when opinions that are racists and bigoted becomes the norm, it’s accepted and difficult for people to see why it is harmful.


One thought on “Polarization Positive?

  1. I’m also having a hard time wrapping my head around polarization as a feature. There’s a motivation boost to be sure but imo not one that outweighs shutting down real conversation and exchange of opinions. Among organizers and in more than a few collaborative project, solidarity and the everyone involved staying on message is considered a strength. Perhaps. But it is also a slippery slope leading to group think and sometimes even mobbing to squelch dissent.


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